We are constantly seeking the best legal and practical solutions by developing winning strategies that are adapted to each file according to the type of dispute and your objectives, including methods of prevention and dispute resolution, mediation and arbitration.

We offer advice and services in dispute management and resolution in the following areas:



Real estate

Shareholder disputes

Shareholder disputes

Contractual relations

Contractual relations

Labour laws

Trusts and estates

Trusts and

Bankruptcy and insolvency

Bankruptcy and

Mediation and arbitration

Mediation and

Tort liability
and fraud


Class action


Our approach, our expertise

We work closely with you, leveraging our vast experience, intellectual rigour and outstanding creativity to provide you with high quality legal services in dispute management and resolution, tailored to your situation and proportional to the issues at stake.

For each problem there is a solution; each case has its own strategy.

We particularly stand out for our ability to explore different avenues, think outside the box, push the limits and take ideas further.

We consider problems from different angles, with other perspectives, and question ourselves beyond first considerations, without preconceived ideas. Never limiting ourselves to pre-established solutions and always considering the alternatives is part of our DNA and what sets us apart.

Every day we meet challenges with enthusiasm and unwavering effort to provide you with the best advice for achieving the best results.

One thing you can count on: We take your situation to heart.

providing services to
the business world

It’s a given. Small or large, regardless of your industry, your business faces complex legal issues. In an ever-changing environment, your decisions have a significant impact on both the present and future.

Faced with numerous responsibilities, duties and obligations with multiple implications, you can count on Forseti to advise you on how to better prevent and solve your problems without having to go to court.

When a legal problem arises, Forseti supports you in finding realistic, practical solutions tailored to your situation.

Forseti is at the heart of the solution, guiding and supporting you to ensure that you make informed decisions.

Forseti, your resource boutique

Complementing your service offering, in the event of conflicts of interest or specific needs for all types of disputes, you can recommend Forseti to your clients with complete confidence.

We also act as arbitrators or mediators in your dispute prevention and resolution processes with care and professionalism.

Forseti at your service

Forseti provides legal services to a varied clientele, including entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes from a wide range of sectors, as well as serving individuals.