Our story

Practising since 1991 and partners since 2001, Mr. Jean-Rémi Thibault and Mr. Stéphane Cléroux, along with their team, founded Forseti in December 2021, a litigation and dispute resolution boutique specializing in civil and commercial law.

With many years of experience and a solid reputation with the courts and their colleagues, the Forseti team strives for excellence when it comes to being a trusted partner with their clients.

Forseti is also the litigation boutique of choice within the industry, whether to represent a client in court, arbitration, mediation or to act as an arbitrator or mediator.

Our mission

We strive to build and develop a professional business relationship that is based on trust, communication and quality legal services.

Known for our expertise and approach, we make it our mission to support you in the litigation or dispute resolution process, ensure a defence that’s in your best interest, and ensure your rights are respected before the civil courts during arbitration and mediation.

Helping you achieve your goals is what drives us. Your success and achievements are important to us.

Our promise, our guarantee

We use all means at our disposal and spare no effort when it comes to resolving your disputes and defending your rights with integrity, and always in a practical, reasonable, proportional and transparent manner.

Our involvement, accessibility, flexibility, efficiency and frank communication all contribute to the development of solid professional relationships. We stand by you when you need quality legal advisers, in situations where you need to be surrounded by a strong team that you can trust.

Because each case is unique, we appoint and involve the lawyers best able to represent you based on their experience, expertise and availability, while keeping in mind your needs and the challenges of the case.

Our inspiration

Evoking strength, integrity and transparency, the Forseti name also has a mythological and folkloric meaning. Forseti has its origins in Norse mythology and represents the god of justice, law and reconciliation. It is represented as a judge, as well as a guardian and protector of laws. The representation associated with the Norse God is aligned with Forseti’s values and reinforces the team’s core values of benevolence, justice, fairness and transparency.